The Laboratory for Road Construction Materials offers students in the bachelor's degree programmes Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Management an insight into the field of road construction technology as a field of work in the transport sector. The laboratory is mainly equipped for the investigation of road construction materials. The most important building material in this field is asphalt with its components filler, bitumen, fine and coarse aggregates. The students have the possibility to carry out and evaluate bitumen investigations themselves. The laboratory is used as an experimental room for final theses in the field of road construction technology. Often, final theses are accompanied by industrial partners. The main focus of this work is the optimisation of road construction materials and the testing and further development of test methods.


  • Determination of the hardness of the bitumen (needle penetration)
  • Determination of the ductility of the bitumen
  • Determination of the softening point of bitumen using the ring-and-ball method
  • Determination of the breaking point of bitumen (according to Fraaß)
  • Skid resistance measurements on road surfaces with the SRT pendulum and flow meter
  • Determination of the rock properties (e.g. grain shape index and fracture surface area)
  • Determination of the void content of dry compacted filler (Rigden method)
  • Presentation of the main road construction materials and road structures by means of an exhibit







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Leyla Chakar
Leyla Chakar leyla.chakar@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2642


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Benjamin Rieger
Benjamin Rieger benjamin.rieger@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2545