The Laboratory of Geotechnical Engineering offers students the opportunity to carry out practical laboratory exercises to accompany the courses in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, earthworks, metrology and engineering geology. The facilities of the laboratory are also available for scientific investigations within the framework of final theses, doctoral theses or other research projects. In addition, the laboratory for geotechnics can also carry out investigations for concrete construction measures. The service catalogue gives an overview of the services offered.

Equipment and services

  • Determination of soil properties and classification of soils according to DIN EN ISO 17892 - 1 to -12 and DIN 18124 to 18137, i.e. determination of the
    • water content / particle size distribution / density / state form / storage density / lime content / loss on ignition / water permeability / water absorption according to Enslin
  • Element tests for the determination of deformation and strength properties
    • Triaxial shear test (diameter d = 36, 50, 100 mm), static or dynamic, drained or undrained
    • Uniaxial penetration test
    • Oedometer test
  • Frame shear test (63/63 mm and 300/300 mm)
  • Determination of the compactability of soils according to DIN 18127 (Proctor test)
  • Plate load test and CBR test (static and dynamic)
  • dynamic probing (DPL)
  • Abrasivity of loose and solid rock (Cerchar and LCPC)
  • Point load test


3/320 and 3/021


Contact person

Thomas Benz t.benz@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2835


Contact person

Benjamin Rieger
Benjamin Rieger benjamin.rieger@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2545