In September 2018, the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences was awarded a contract by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Arts to develop an emission-free mobility concept for its own campus. This was an interdisciplinary project in which business psychology worked together with the departments of transport infrastructure management, urban planning and computer science.

The competition, in which 11 universities from all over Baden-Württemberg took part, was embedded in the strategy dialogue on the automotive industry in Baden-Württemberg. HFTmobil developed a mobility concept and a user-centred mobility service for students, employees, the professorial staff and lecturers.

Based on a comprehensive state analysis of the mobility behaviour at the university, approaches to solutions were developed by students from the Master's programme in Business Psychology, among others, in order to make mobility behaviour at the HFT more sustainable in the future.


As-is analysis of mobility behaviour at the university


The NaMobi bag is intended to replace the bag, students get during their first days of studying. The content is to be adapted to the needs of the students when walking and to promote this form of mobility with entertaining sayings.



The Skyline concept is designed to promote mobility in the air. A concept for gondolas and ziplines in Stuttgart should offer an entertaining and sustainable alternative to current modes of transport.



A mechanical flasher on the bicycle that communicates with navigation devices of other means of transport shall increase the safety of cyclists. It provides information on the position and direction of cyclists.


Pimp my Bike

A concept for a university owned workshop, where expert advice is available at reasonable prices and where students have the opportunity to carry out minor repairs themselves. This shall promote the use of bicycles.


Bike with me

A smartphone app should offer the possibility of networking with cyclists who cover the same distance. This should motivate university members to cycle more often.


The Ride Way

The offer of university bicycles with a smartphone application, which awards bonus points for the use of bicycles. This should increase the use of bicycles by university members.


The students' concepts were presented to the public at the Science Slam on the 1st Day of Mobility.

The final overall concept of the university was awarded with the special prize for originality by the Minister of Science Theresia Bauer with the following justification:

The University of Applied Sciences is located in the heart of Stuttgart and is already very well connected to the public transport network due to its location. Only 16 percent of university members and visitors now choose to travel by car. The project aims to minimise the emissions caused by mobility and traffic. HFTmobil pursues an interdisciplinary approach, whereby routes are avoided, shifted to environmentally friendly modes of transport and networked. The aim is to ensure that students do not fundamentally change their environmentally friendly mobility behaviour even when they enter the working world.

Theresia Bauer,
Minister of Science


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