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Student form HFT is one of the top logistics students in 2019

knowledge competition "Logistics Master"

Student gains top ranking in master courses

In the nationwide "Logistics Master" knowledge competition, Sarah Kohl achieved a great ranking as "Top Logistics Students 2019" in the Master's degree category. We would like to congratulate our third semester student in the Master's degree course in environmentally oriented logistics on this success!

Over the course of five months, students had to answer questionnaires on various fields of knowledge and expertise in logistics, mathematics, transport policy, transport technologies, computer science, etc. In addition, practice-related questions had to be answered, as well as questions from other disciplines that are addressed little or not at all during the course of study, but which are relevant as future junior managers in logistics.

More than 1,000 students from almost 70 colleges and universities took part in the nationwide knowledge competition "Logistics Masters". The competition was initiated by Contargo, the Schunck Group and VerkehrsRundschau. The 100 top logistics students from the Bachelor's and Master's degree categories were entered in the VerkehrsRundschau's online recruiting catalogue and received a certificate.

Publish date: 06. December 2019