Bacheloraward der 24. Fachtagung der Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftspsychologie

HFT business psychologists win 1st and 3rd prize in the GWPs Bachelor Award

Bachelor Award of the Society for Applied Business Psychology (GWPs)

HFT business psychologists win 1st and 3rd prize in the GWPs Bachelor Award. An in-house success!

It couldn't have gone better for the HFT! During its 24th symposium at the HFT Stuttgart (March 4-6, 2020), the Society for Applied Business Psychology (GWPs) once again presented the GWPs-Bachelor Award for the best lectures based on a Bachelor's thesis. After the business psychology department of the HFT Stuttgart had already been quite successful in previous years, this year the students of the HFT achieved a very special achievement in their "home game".

Ms Johanna Weng, a graduate of the Bachelor's degree course in Business Psychology, won first place with her thesis "Bringing Bike-Sharing to the Road - An Analysis of Use Cases and Safety Aspects from the Consumer's Perspective". The work convinced the jury both because of its methodological complexity and its practical implications. The prizewinner said: "It was great to be able to present my bachelor thesis to such an interested and knowledgeable audience. I am very happy about the award and hope that the topic of bike sharing will continue to be explored". The winner receives a cash prize, a subscription to a trade journal and a one-year membership in the GWPs.

The excellent performance of the HFT was further underlined by the fact that 3rd place in the Bachelor Award also went to a graduate of the HFT. Ms Salomée Bracke was awarded for her work on the topic "Clean Labeling as a marketing instrument - What effect do labeled food products have on the consumer? For Ms Bracke, this award was also a very positive conclusion to her Bachelor's degree: "I was already very pleased to have made it onto the shortlist. When I was then awarded a place on the podium, the joy was overwhelming. It was particularly exciting to present my bachelor thesis in front of an audience from outside the university and to meet with great interest from starters and external professors". In addition to a cash prize, she also received a subscription to a trade journal and a one-year membership in GWPs.

In addition to the two winners, the HFT's Business Psychology department was involved in the in-house event with a large number of lectures and posters by students, staff and professors. The Dean of Studies of the Bachelor's programme in Business Psychology, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäumer, summed up the special achievement of the entire team as follows: "To achieve such a success at the in-house event was something very special. We are very proud of the prizewinners and all the students who actively participated in the conference".

Prof. Dr. Patrick Müller (patrick.mueller(at)

Publish date: 16. March 2020