Best-of-BWL-WS19/20-Students-Award Winners-With-Certificates

Digital change and agile types of work

Traditionally, the study course business administration ends with "Best of BWL"

The Best of BWL presents the results of the final theses of the Bachelor of Business Administration course in the form of scientific posters. Current social and economic topics are reflected in many theses this semester.

"It's nice to see the results after all the weeks of work and to share them with fellow students," the students say happily. Dealing with economic issues in cooperation with a company was once again a greater challenge for the graduates of the Business Administration course at the end of the course. To celebrate the completion of the Bachelor's thesis, the 20 best scientific posters were presented to professors, lecturers, alumni, students and interested parties for the 11th time on 12 February 2020. After the welcoming, Prof. Dr. Mühlberger gave the floor to Prof. Dr. Gaspers, who, on behalf of the Rectorate, warmly congratulated the graduates and underlined the importance of continuing education even after graduation. The three best posters were then awarded with a jury prize. Afterwards, the audience could distribute points in the categories "Design" and "Innovation" to the posters. Among other things, the choice fell on topics from current business management challenges such as digitalization steps in purchasing, efficiency increases in interface areas, secret weapons in the war for talents on the job market and implementation of agile software development. The HFT Stuttgart's association of sponsors, which has been in existence for over six decades, supports the university and students in the field of education and thus helps to secure the future. Thanks to the jury and audience prizes sponsored by the Association of Friends, the winners can invest directly in their further education. We congratulate them warmly:

  1. Prize: Kathrin Muckenfuß Subject: Illustration of order processing according to IFRS 15 and its consequences at MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Melanie Mühlberger)

  2. Prize: Tonja Lutz Subject: Development of a scalable spare parts and accessories concept in the IoT start-up environment of Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Lochmahr)

  3. Prize: Sabrina Knöller Topic: Conception of a target costing tool in B2B use for ITT Cannon GmbH (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Georg Hauer)

  • Design Award: Franziska Böhmer Topic: Concept development for location-independent performance measurement of distribution warehouses at Robert Bosch GmbH (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Lochmahr)

  • Innovation Prize: Joana Marie Hable Topic: Introduction of an electronic tendering platform as an important digitization step in purchasing at TransnetBW GmbH (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Payam Dehdari)

Until the end of February, the scientific posters will remain on display in the atrium on the ground floor of Building 1 at the HfT Stuttgart. Our thanks goes to the "Verein der Freunde", the Asta and Block 4, who supported us and made the event possible.

Publish date: 13. February 2020