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Are you studying business psychology at the University of Applied Sciences or would you like to get to know the course better? Are you interested in the world of research at the University of Applied Sciences? Then you have come to the right place. After all, the Business Psychology Laboratory serves as a supportive aid in the processing of internal and external research projects during your studies and for projects with corporate partners. We provide resources such as hardware and software, but also know-how and consulting services, thus contributing to the promotion of inter- and transdisciplinary research at our university and the transfer of knowledge to our society.


Our team is looking forward to many exciting research projects and will be happy to answer any questions about the Business Psychology Laboratory! The laboratory is still under the operational management of Susanne Moulin and the scientific management of Prof. Dr. Stephanie Huber. We are actively supported by our students Ramona Riegler, Laura Schweiger and Sophie Marie Gebert.


Opening hours

When? Monday - Friday

from 1 to 2 pm

Where? Lab 1, room 118A.

Lautenschlagerstreet 20

70173 Stuttgart

Here you will find all contact information and responsibilities of the Business Psychology Laboratory team

Contact person

Stephanie Huber
Stephanie Huber +49 711 8926 2318
Susanne Moulin +49 711 8926 2303

Rental shop

Students, lecturers as well as professors and staff can borrow business psychology tests, laptops, team instruments and other equipment via our online rental shop.

Lending process: The desired utensils must first be selected via an online reservation and can then be picked up and returned within our opening hours in Laboratory 1.

The following document also contains instructions for online reservation:

To get a better insight, some highlights of the laboratory inventory are listed below:

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking (gaze course measurement) is a procedure which makes it possible with the help of technical devices to record the eye movements of a person in order to analyze the vision of a person. As business psychologists, we can use eye tracking in market research, for example in advertising.

Picture source: Tobii AB

Face Reader

The FaceReader is a technology to analyze the facial expressions of people. Within the scope of the face analysis, the program automatically draws conclusions about the following basic emotions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, frightened, disgusted and neutral. For example, this can be used to investigate consumer behaviour or to carry out usability studies.

Picture source:



Age Man

The Age Man is an age simulation suit that allows you to slip into the role of an elderly person and thereby gain a greater understanding of the needs of the elderly.

Image source:




VR Goggles

VR refers to the representation of a virtual world that is computer generated. Different sensory impressions such as smell, sight, sound and touch can be displayed. With the help of VR glasses, a 3D image is generated so that test persons can turn their heads in all directions and observe their virtual environment.




Team instruments are training tools that can be used for team development, promotion of intercultural communication and leadership skills.




Has your attention been caught?

Then you will find an overview of the entire inventory of the laboratory here:


To make sure that nothing goes wrong in the implementation of the projects, we have provided demonstration modules and training courses for our students on the Moodle site of the University of Applied Sciences in the course "Business Psychology Laboratory". In this way the students learn how to work efficiently and effectively with the equipment and what things they should pay attention to when using it.

In addition, data protection declarations and rules of use about the laboratory can be found there. Business Psychology students of the University of Applied Sciences can also find all information regarding the test person hour process on Moodle.


A special feature of the Business Psychology course at the University of Applied Sciences is the practice-oriented learning content. In order to create the best possible conditions for later professional life, students work on self-developed research projects or in cooperation with companies.

Anika Melzer Head of Business Psychology Laboratory

The laboratory in numbers

In 2019 the laboratory was used for a variety of projects. 






test subjects


supporting professors


days in laboratory premises


In 2019, various incentives such as Ritter Sport chocolate, a (half) trial hour for students of business psychology or Amazon vouchers were awarded. With the help of these incentives, we can increase the willingness to participate in projects and thus increase the number of participants in the studies, thus improving the test strength of the studies.

Study reports

At this point we would like to share some study reports with you, so that we can give you an insight into the diverse use of different methods in research projects. We would be pleased if this would inspire you to develop your own research ideas and projects.

About us

As one of the few institutions of this kind in Germany, the Business Psychology Laboratory is firmly integrated into the methodological training of our Bachelor and Master students. In the Business Psychology courses we deliberately place a strong focus on comprehensive method training. Comprehensive means that our students learn both how to collect data and how to evaluate and interpret them. Our students thus develop the necessary expertise to answer applied questions and problems on the basis of empirical studies.

With the help of the laboratory's extensive hardware and software equipment, our students are given the opportunity to work on questions from data collection to data analysis and interpretation. In this way, they learn how the information gained can be used in practice. At the same time, students gain experience in using state-of-the-art techniques and methods, such as our Virtual Reality glasses or Facereader (a software for the recognition of emotions).

In addition to the methodological training of our students, another important pillar of our work is the support of internal and external research projects or cooperative projects with corporate partners. We would like to help our students to further develop and optimize their research ideas and finally put them into practice. To this end, we provide resources such as hardware and software, but also know-how and consulting services.

The Business Psychology Laboratory thus contributes to the promotion of inter- and transdisciplinary research at our university. On the other hand, it is of great importance for us to expand and improve the knowledge of our society with the help of research.


You are welcome to contact Susanne Moulin by e-mail at any time at: You can also visit us during the lecture period in Laboratory 1, Room 118A in Lautenschlagerstraße from Monday to Friday between 1 and 2 pm, where the laboratory team will be happy to help you. Due to the current situation, however, regular office hours are unfortunately not possible. However, you are welcome to make an appointment with Susanne Moulin.

Students and university members can borrow equipment free of charge from our online shop. The desired equipment can be selected via an online reservation and then picked up from Monday to Friday between 1 and 2 pm in Lab 1. You can find our rental shop here:

Under the following link:

The database and all further information on the trial hours process can be found at the Moodlekurs "Wirtschaftspsychologisches Labor" of the Hft:

The laboratory provides the required equipment free of charge.