Case Study | 1st semester | winter semester 2018/19

The urban planning approaches and infrastructure system knowledge gained in the various modules of the master course create a diverse set of tailored smart solutions for the City of Ludwigsburg. Through the close cooperation with the municipality, the Innovation Network of Ludwigsburg and multiple civil society representatives, the students of the Master Smart City Soluitons in wintersemester 2018-19 were faced with complex urban challenges. It was the aim of the Case Study project to address these challenges and to develop feasible urban development strategies, including the design of governance, finance and stakeholder management tools. The final deliverable was reached through the co-design of a bold vision for a dynamic and adaptive masterplan for the innercity.

Here you can find the documentation of the project.

The project was supervised by Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann and Prof. Roland Dieterle.