The MaterialSTUDIO is an innovative platform across several disciplines at HFT Stuttgart’s Faculty of Architecture and Design.

It provides a wide range of traditional and novel materials including application-oriented guidance for teaching, research, science and practice. Principles and material-specific expertise are taught in order to incorporate materials and their manufacturing, machining and assembly in accordance with the architectural concept in a planning process and to profitably use them for the design.

In addition to carefully selected tangible samples providing the haptic experience of materials, models displaying construction and composition of elements are available, as well as a constantly growing range of specific technical literature and digital information. This helps honing personal sensitivity for materials and their aesthetic and mechanical properties—new ideas are generated through the substantial combination of material and detail. Accompanying exhibitions, workshops and events complement the education in building construction and structural design in a material-integrative way.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Dickmann | lutz.dickmann(at)