Environmental Management at HFT Stuttgart

External EMAS audit successfully passed

Since 2014, HFT Stuttgart has operated an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the European EMAS regulation. EMAS aims to systematically improve energy and material efficiency, reduce harmful environmental effects and environment-related risks, and increase legal certainty.

While in the early years the primary focus was on saving energy and resources, the focus of the environmental management system has gradually evolved towards indirect environmental aspects. For us as a university, the focus is currently on clearly anchoring environmental protection and sustainability in teaching, research, operations and transfer. Increasingly, EMAS is looking at what positive impacts on the environment can be triggered by professional work. On 29 June 2021, the external environmental verifier Dr. Kühnemann visited the university to review the improvement of environmental performance as well as the functionality of the management system on site. The verifier appreciated our activities for continuous improvement of environmental performance and could not find any deviations according to EMAS. After his final assessment, the environmental statement was again declared valid and certified according to EMAS. Download the current environmental statement as a PDF file

Publish date: 09. September 2021 By Ute Dettmann ()