Ideas for the mobility of tomorrow

Mobility Day 2021

As part of the first Stuttgart Mobility Week, the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT Stuttgart) and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Stuttgart presented ideas for the mobility of tomorrow. Interested citizens were invited to try out electric vehicles of all kinds on test tracks on 17 September 2021 and to find out about the latest status of mobility research at both universities.

Car or train? By bike or on foot? Alone or together?

The HFT Stuttgart and the DHBW Stuttgart are dealing with these questions concerning the mobility of the future and the traffic turnaround in the field of applied research. In the course of the first Stuttgart Mobility Week, both universities cooperated and presented an extensive spectrum from this research area at the Mobility Day 2021. The topics included air taxis, movement data as the first step towards an intelligent mobility city, intelligent charging infrastructures for rural areas, the collection and evaluation of data for a safe bicycle network in Stuttgart and what mobility in cities could look like in the future, here using the example of the city of Rottweil in the "Rottweil 2040" project. Researchers are working on the concept of the "intelligent city". The aim is to develop and research ideas and concepts for urban spaces that will make cities more efficient, climate-friendly and liveable through the use of modern technologies.

Test course and test drives

In addition to the theory, there were many vehicles with alternative drives to see. In addition to new car models, the HFT Stuttgart showed how an old VW bus was converted from diesel to electric drive. In addition, many other exhibits awaited the visitors - touching and trying them out was expressly desired. This offer was actively taken up. Fun vehicles such as a moving beer crate, a trike and a Bobby-Car Tesla rounded off the exhibition. The Mobility Day takes place in the course of the first Stuttgart Mobility Week.


"The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences is a university of applied sciences. A high level of practical relevance characterises the teaching and research at our university. In applied research, we work on realisable solutions, for example in the area of the traffic turnaround. This practical orientation of research links us with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart. The research fields of both universities complement each other excellently, which will be visible at the jointly held Mobility Day 2021."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Gaspers, Prorector, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

"Research at the Faculty of Technology at the DHBW Stuttgart is application and transfer-oriented in cooperation with our partner companies, the 'Dual Partners'. Some of our research fields in the area of mobility aim to simplify life in the city and make it more sustainable. The direct feasibility in our environment - in Stuttgart - is central to many of the issues. Thus, the city and its citizens benefit from the practice-oriented research that takes place at DHBW and HFT."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Mandel, Vice-Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart
Publish date: 20. September 2021 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder ()