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About the foundation. But let's be honest.

New event format from CONTACT-As e.V. and G-INNO

Are you interested in the topic of founding a company? In our new event format, Daniel and Sebastian report on their very personal experiences on the topic. Without any slides, from real life. The whole thing is organised in such a way that you can actively shape the event with your questions. So be curious and above all: Be there.

On Tuesday the 08.12.2020 at 17:30.

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Of course online. Free of charge, of course.

Venture capital, exit strategy, the lions' den, having an idea and getting rich quickly, leading a self-determined life, entrepreneurship, sitting in Starbucks with a MacBook, sleeping late, realizing yourself, writing a business plan, doing something good for the world, freedom, doing what's fun,...

Only a fraction of the various associations and themes that may be associated with the word "found". But what is it like to take something into your own hands and drive things forward on your own responsibility?

Sebastian (CONTACT-AS e.V.) and Daniel (G-INNO) both know very well how it feels. How? Both have already founded successfully. Hurdles that come up during such an undertaking are also good acquaintances to them. Once you have just started to deal with a topic, you quickly find yourself in a smooth transition to a never ending flood of new topics and tasks - almost like a very good conversation.

And that's exactly what they want: to talk about different aspects of founding. Without a fixed agenda, but with a starting point. In our event on 08.12. we start with the entrepreneurial personality. In order to make the conversation as lively and interactive as possible, Hedwig Huster (CONTACT-AS e.V.) will include questions from the audience into the conversation according to the situation. Your questions are our central theme!

We are looking forward to our first event with you.

Publish date: 01. December 2020