The Service Centre for competenced-based & innovative Learning & Teaching of HFT Stuttgart offers high-quality digital learning media for students. They support the student learning process in a meaningful way and prepare the students optimally for professional requirements.

The App TeachMatics is aimed specifically at first-year students and supports learning in the subject of mathematics with over 2300 tasks on mathematical basics. Comprehensive knowledge is available immediately via app and free of charge for HFT Stuttgart students. Students only need a smartphone or tablet and paper and pen. Each task package is graded in three levels of difficulty, so that different previous knowledge is taken into account.

With the language learning software Speexx, HFT Stuttgart students can learn six languages in four levels free of charge, independent of time and place. In addition, some teachers successfully used the software in their foreign language courses.

The learning platform Moodle is also used to support courses. At the HFT Stuttgart it offers a range of learning resources, lecture videos and other event recordings.

Benefits while using learning apps:
  • Track learning progress
  • Structure the learning workload through work assignments
  • Scan large images and text passages
  • Easy visualization of ideas and information
Digital learning media

Recommended apps for your studies

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The Wiwi App Especially for students of business and economics, this app provides a collection of formulas for business studies, economics, mathematics and statistics on all mobile devices free of charge.

Schnittkraftmeister - The app for prospective civil engineers Nowadays, buildings, structures and machines are almost exclusively analysed and measured with computer programs. However, engineers must be able to question and verify these results and identify cutting force curves that may not be correct. The "cutting force master" was developed to learn this skill in a playful way.

Math42 MATH 42's intelligent input allows tasks to be entered quickly and without errors. MATH 42's instant calculator automatically calculates and always shows the current result. The app offers suggestions for solutions and supports the solution path.

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etherpad EtherPad is a web-based editor that supports collaborative work on texts. This way, several people can work on a text in real time and without access restrictions. is a Web 2.0 application to support learning and teaching processes with small interactive building blocks. the aim is to collect reusable building blocks and make them publicly available. This application is aimed at teachers and learners alike, as content can be created jointly and used effectively in teaching.

Slack Slack offers a place where teams can easily work together. Channels can be divided by team, project or other relevant topics. Slack saves time and promotes cooperation.

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Wunderlist Wunderlist is the easiest way to plan, organize and complete tasks. Whether it's a lecture, group work or bachelor's thesis, Wunderlist organizes projects clearly and helps to keep track of all study-related or personal tasks and to check them off.

Evernote With its online service and associated software, Evernote helps you collect, organize, and find notes, documents, and photos in various formats. With, tasks, lists and reminders can be combined into a single, easy-to-use app. can be synchronized on different devices and to-do lists are accessible from anywhere.

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