The Transferportal is a web presence of the HFT Stuttgart, which provides knowledge, solutions and services that the HFT presents to its members, external partners and the general public.

Contact person: Janto Skowronek



The project further develops the transfer strategy together with the HFT Stuttgart to establish an innovative and sustainable transfer management.

Contact persons: Dr Christina Rehm Andreas Schmitt Irina Kohlrautz Janina Adamo-Bornowski

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Transfer handling

Expansion of technology transfer

As a further building block of a regional ecosystem for innovation and transfer at the HFT Stuttgart, the expansion of technology transfer in particular is to take place.

Contact person: Dr. Christina Rehm

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The project works on the establishment of a sustainable and interdisciplinary innovation process for research at the University of Applied Sciences.

Contact persons: Ann-Kristin Graumann Elena Schön

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Start-up support

Practical projects on relevant future issues in teaching and research form the basis for knowledge and technology-based start-ups.

Contact person: Elena Schön

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Communication Science and Transfer

The Communication Department deals with and discusses topics of the HFT as an innovative university in research, transfer and teaching. We deal with future issues that move society. How do we want to live in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region in the future?

Contact person: Christine Kraus Susanne Rytina

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Creative spaces

Our environment has a great influence on our well-being and behaviour. Creative spaces are therefore a central component of innovation management and an important instrument for cultural change.

Contact: Ann-Kristin Graumann Philipp Kleiber

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