Campus Stadtmitte - The campus as a field of experimentation for sustainable urban development

The campus Stadtmitte in the heart of Stuttgart is home to the three teaching and research institutions known far beyond the city limits: Universität Stuttgart, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University. Despite the large number of students, the campus still offers great development potential in the area of sustainable building, programmatic and open space structures.

Contact persons: Steffen Wurzbacher (overall strategy) Rebecca Heckmann (mobility concept)

Landkarte Campus Stadtmitte

The new Stöckach - Concepts and considerations for an integrated energy system

In this study we evaluated several energy system scenarios in order to find the optimal energy system concepts for the future EnBW site in Stuttgart Stöckach. With the help of a 3D-CityGML model and other tools we estimated the electricity, heat and hot water demand profiles for the urban district. Furthermore, scenarios with several energy supply options with different energy sources and conversion technologies were created to cover the estimated demand. Finally, we assessed the cost-minimized technology mixes that reduce CO2-emissions. The results are compared with a base energy system.

Contact person: M.Sc. Charitha Buddhika Heendeniya

Grafische Darstellung eines Prozesses

EmiLa - Planning and implementation of ecologically optimized business trips

EmiLa is a software for ecological business travel planning. It offers both administrators and employees in companies all services for environmentally friendly corporate mobility.

Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Rebecca Heckmann


HFT meets IBA

Through the series of events "HFT meets IBA" we create the opportunity to reach all projects of the International Building Exhibition 2027 (IBA'27) with relevant future topics. We arouse interest and need for advice and offer networks for exchange with our experts. The topics must be considered now in the early decision phase of the planning of construction projects in order to be visible at IBA 2027.

Contact person: Jin-Suk Alexander Lee

HFT meets IBA Postkarte

Participation platform - Platform for visualisation of results and participation

In sub-project 3 (TV3) a prototypical platform for the interactive visualisation of the developed contents from the applied transfer and for participation will be created. This platform is based on the Cesium 3D Webglobe technology.

Contact persons: Carolin Lahode, Sarah Lang, Rushikesh Padsala, Sarah Ann Sutter and Patrick Würstle

Computergrafik Landschaft

LABORATORY Böckingerstrasse

Cooperation project between the study courses of Business Psychology and the Master of Urban Planning / Research Project Laboratory Experimental Urban Space (LES)

Contact persons:
Caroline Lahode
Sarah Lang
Sarah Ann Sutter

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