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Demand for actuaries unbroken

For several years now, the insurance industry has been struggling with problems in recruiting new talent

Germany's insurers fear for the experts of the future. According to estimates by Guido Bader (Chairman of the German Association of Actuaries, Chairman of the University Council of the HFT Stuttgart), there is currently a demand for 2000-3000 actuaries throughout Germany.

The German Association of Actuaries (professional representation of actuaries and financial mathematicians*) has conducted a survey of mathematics courses at German colleges and universities to determine the development of the number of students and thus the number of graduates expected in the future. Unfortunately, the number of first-year students in mathematics is declining. Dr. Bader, Chairman of the German Actuarial Association and at the same time Chairman of the University Council of the HFT Stuttgart and himself a mathematician, fears that this will further aggravate the situation. "The demand for actuaries will even tend to increase," he says in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The Mathematics Department at the HFT is also observing the unbroken high interest of companies in graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses. This can be seen in all branches of industry, so that insurance companies are also in competition with, for example, the automotive industry, the banking sector, software and consulting companies.

Financial and actuarial mathematics at the HFT

Within the framework of the Mathematics Bachelor's programme at the HFT Stuttgart you have the opportunity to choose our specialisation in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics from the 3rd semester onwards. Your study plan includes lectures in financial and actuarial mathematics as well as modules in statistics, operations research, business administration and law. Graduates have particularly good career prospects in the banking, insurance, management consultancy and IT sectors.

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Publish date: 01. December 2020