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Labor Rasand from the Department of Mathematics represented with three papers at ICRA

The scientific publications deal with partial aspects of assembly planning, as they are also needed in automotive construction.

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is an international conference on automation and robotics. It will take place in Philadelphia (USA) from 23 - 27 May 2022. According to Google Scholar, it is the world's most influential scientific conference in the field of robotics.

In the Labor Rasand, software solutions for digital prototyping are being researched. One area of application is digital assembly planning, for example in automotive construction. When planning the assembly of a complex product, a sequence must be defined for the components to be assembled.

We are proud that three scientific publications on this complex of topics have been accepted by ICRA. The first two publications deal with assembly planning in the so-called close-up area, close to the installed position of the components. There, the installation space is very tight and there is little room for assembly movements. The first new method uses AI to integrate individual fastening elements, such as bolts or nuts, into the planning. The second method deals with the assembly of components that contain cast-on fastening elements, such as movable clips, and which are thus inevitably in collision with their surrounding geometry in the installed position. For the assembly planning in the long-distance area following the planning in the short-distance area, suitable assembly paths to the body approach stations are found in the third publication and priority relationships between the components are calculated.

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Publish date: 07. February 2022