Teaching Day goes digital on May 13, 2020

After the very positive echo last year, we've gone a new way in 2020 with the Digital Teaching Day, in order to continue the exchange about teaching in this special summer semester.

We've experienced especially in the last weeks, how diverse teaching can be. The current changes made us rethink what we are used to and brought us to alternative and creative solutions that are at least as successful. For this reason, the Rectorate, together with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, cordially invited all university employees of HFT Stuttgart to focus onsubject-related, digital teaching at this year's TeachingDay goes digital on May, 13 2020.

All participants got the chance to listen to a digital keynote, video contributions from various disciplines and to listen to student contributions in our Online-Room in Moodle according to the motto:

fascinating.divers.subject-related. #future of teaching