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By Mirjana Gajic and Bettina Sigg

The current, unknown situation is a challenge for all and needs agile action every day. We are willing to rise this challenge! Especially due to the initiated process regarding the digitalization of teaching at the HFT Stuttgart, in consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many questions at the moment. We are therefore working at full speed in the home office to support all lecturers in order to be able to conduct their courses online in the summer semester 2020 during this crisis in the best possible way.

Our lecturers are regularly kept up-to-date via e-mail and they are provided with information, e.g. on online tools or software licenses. Detailed online meetings and mini-training sessions have already taken place with some of our lecturers, in which concepts have been revised, online possibilities have been discussed and adjustments have been made. We are extremely grateful to our lecturers for their willingness to make the changeover to online, for their enormous commitment and for their creative skills!

Our special thanks also go to the students! They engage themselves in something new and something not yet experienced. Many of them need a key qualification or a language course as a compulsory or optional subject, but there are also many students who attend our courses by choice. This has always inspired us; in the current situation even more!

We would like to invite and encourage everyone to talk to each other (online) and to exchange ideas. We are convinced that we will be able to meet the challenges together despite this surreal time.

Let us be amenable to a summersemester programme in online mode that is unique in the history of the HFT!