Requirements for the library use

If you are a student at HFT, library membership is automatically established through your student ID card.
Please note: The library account contains the same information that was registered for your university enrolment.
In case of change of your data, please inform the admissions office as soon as possible so no messages sent to you will get lost.
If you are not a member of HFT, you will have to fill out a registration form. For the registration, you have to bring your valid ID or passport as well as confirmation of registration.
In case of changes of your address data, please contact us as soon as possible so no messages sent to you will get lost.

You can only apply for library membership if you have a place of residence within Baden-Württemberg or are a student at a university in Baden-Württemberg. When contacting us for a membership application, please bring a valid passport and a certificate containing a contact address in Baden-Württemberg for us to reach you at. If you have no residence within Baden-Württemberg, you need additionally a valid student ID card/enrolment certificate of one of the universities in Baden-Württemberg.
If you cannot provide any such certification, you can still use the library collection and databases on-site. However, you cannot check out or place a reserve any materials.

Please contact the library staff immediately upon losing your card. That is the only way we can make certain no third person checks out books in your name, possibly leaving you with fees for overdue books you do not have.
In case, it is not only your library card but your student ID as well, please, contact also the admissions office.
If you are an external user, we will issue a replacement card for you. However, we will have to charge a 5 Euro administrative fee.


Days is a regular lending period


Renewals are currently possible if there are no notifications


Media items maximum a HFT student can check out at once

Lending and renewal

All library services (with the exception of using the copying machine) are free.
The only costs you might encounter are fees for overdue, order a replacement library card or
lost/damaged books.

HFT students can check out up to 30 items at once.
The limit for external users is 20 items at once.

After checking out materials, the first due date is four weeks afterwards. Every renewal adds another four weeks till the deadline.

Our catalog features a menu item called "My account". After logging in with your library user number and the respective password as a HFT member or as an external user, the site will show you a summary of checked-out, overdue, saved and reserved items. Click the link "Display or renew checked out items" to view the due dates.
If for any reason you cannot access the catalog, please contact the library staff via phone or e-mail within the opening hours.

The system automatically sends an e-mail reminding you of due dates when they draw close. However, this additional service may be subject to maintenance issues or technical difficulties, so please do not rely on it and keep an eye on due dates yourself.

Using the catalog, you can renew any checked out item yourself if no reasons speak against it (see below). It is also possible, after an overdue date and even after receiving an overdue notice.
However, already sent overdue notices are not cancelled this way.
Please log in using the menu item "My account" and click the link "Display or renew checked out item". A list will show up, enabling you to choose items to renew by clicking the respective checkbox. Please note that materials can only be renewed three days before their due date.
After clicking the button "Renew", the list will display the new due date or, respectively, if and why the renewal doesn’t work (i.e. because another user has placed a hold on the item, the original due date is more than three days in the future, you have already renewed the item three times or your library card is not valid for some reason).
If for any reason you cannot access the catalog or the function "My account", please contact our library staff via phone or e-mail and ask them to renew the items for you within opening hours, if there are no reasons against it.

Checking out media items is only possible within opening hours.
To return books, you may use the return box in front of the library outside of the opening hours.  Please, keep in mind the opening hours of the entire building (building 2). If you throw the media items into the return box, they will be discharged on the following opening day (please, keep in mind this delay with regard to lending period).
Attention: if the box is full, please don’t place any more books inside or on top of it! The library cannot take responsibility for stolen books that are still charged to your account.

With the overdue of the lending period, fees will be automatically determined.
The following fees apply for late returns and are cumulative:
1st reminder: €1,50 per item
2nd reminder: €5,00 per item
Each further reminder: €10,00 per item
Fees are due as soon as the library system automatically charges them to your account, regardless of the arrival of the reminder at your address.