Men and women are equal. The state promotes the effective implementation of equal rights for women and men and works to eliminate existing disadvantages.

§ 3 (2) of the basic law of Germany

Task of the "Beauftragte für Chancengleichheit"

It is the task of the "Beauftragte für Chancengleichheit" to support the rectorate in this central concern and universal guiding principle of administrative action.

While the "Gleichstellungsbeauftragte" is the contact person for academic staff, the "Beauftragte für Chancengleichheit" is responsible for administrative and technical staff.

In order to fulfil its task, it has a right of participation in the following measures:

  • for job advertisements, if the principles of the ChancenG are deviated from
  • in personnel selection interviews
  • for recruitment and promotion in areas where there is under-representation
  • in the planning and design of further education and training measures
  • for committee appointments
  • in the event of rejection of an application for family-friendly working hours, part-time work and teleworking
  • at departmental meetings
  • in the preparation of the "Chancengleichheitsplan" and the interim report.

In addition, she must be involved in other personnel, social or organisational measures, insofar as these measures have an impact on the professional situation of women, such as service agreements. Nevertheless, she comments on the concerns of her male colleagues, for example if their application for family-friendly teleworking is to be rejected.

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