Ethikum lecture "Conspiracy Theories during the Corona Crisis"

Aula ODER online (Zoom)

Ethikum Lecture "Conspiracy Theories during the Corona Crisis".

Prof. Dr. Michael Butter, Professor of American Literature and Cultural History at the University of Tübingen, has been researching the causes and manifestations of conspiracy theories for many years.

Conspiracy theories are booming in times of upheaval and uncertainty. We all had to and still have to change our habits due to the lockdowns and hygiene rules, and a great many people have existential worries.

The Corona crisis and the planned vaccinations are fueling fears that are mainly expressed in social media. The conspiracy theorists have not necessarily increased in number, but they are gaining more visibility. Due to the radicalization of the protests, social division is increasing, so that it is questionable what can be done.

In this regard, Prof. Butter makes clear recommendations on how to counter these problems and, if necessary, how to confront even hardened conspiracy theorists in dialogue.

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