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The exhibition "Poetry of Things" is a typewriter that has become a room, but it is not only a reproduction of its inanimate mechanics, it also expresses the connections of the poet's brain, which makes our language unique, poetry.

In the exhibition, which is divided into three sections, 26 objects from the museum archive and their collection history are linked to 26 poems. This relationship gives rise to new readings and surprising connections in the exhibition space. The seemingly random positioning of the objects in the room follows the logic of the linkage of the typewriter, which connects the keys with the letters. It is undisputed that until recently this machine was the poets' most important instrument. And so it became the model of the exhibition space, exemplarily and virtuously implemented by the students.

First the visitor enters a typewriter keyboard staged by media. The striking sound of the mechanism cues the visitor into the sphere of perception of the following rooms.